Crane Brewing is coming to NKC!

Before you get too excited…Crane Brewing is not opening a place in NKC, BUT equally exciting news is that Michael Crane, President and CoFounder of Crane Brewing is our July guest speaker.

“Michael, never much of a drinker due to a low tolerance, started homebrewing with sons. He brewed as a hobby that occupied his time and brought his family together. Eventually it would bring Michael into a larger community of homebrewers. Michael brewed what those around him enjoyed, focusing on the exotic brews that grabbed the attention of the beer nerds that gathered to discuss homebrewing once a month. He gained notoriety as he branched outside his local competitions and won awards nationally. Finally, he met the home brewers who would lead him to brewing as a career.”

Michael Crane

Join us at 1520 Clay St., North Kansas City on July 12th @ 7pm as Michael shares his love for craft beer, his love for homebrewing and how he made the transition from home to pro brewer. We will have plenty of Crane Brewing samples on hand to taste but don’t let that deter you from bringing your own creations to share with the group. If you feel like sharing something to gnosh on as well, we won’t mind.

Crane Delish

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