We are a home brew club that is passionate about learning our craft. We meet on the second Thursday of every month at iWerx in North Kansas City, Missouri. You will find our members participating in most of the Kansas City area brewing competitions and festivals.


Some of our members have taken their home brewing to the professional level. Below is a list of some of those breweries that our members have been involved with starting and/or brew for.


The Missouri Masher’s were originally formed by Noah Vincent, David Schumacher and Michael Wells. It began with these three killing off a few kegs in Noah’s driveway discussing names of individuals they wanted to invite to the group. See more of our history below:

(2013) 1st Official Meeting at Scott Iverson’s Secret Barn

We had meetings all over the place. Members’ basements or garages. Minsky’s in Liberty. Rock & Run. Cinder Block.

(2014) 1st Hot Summer Brew Off

The Masher’s inaugural home brew competition. The first 2 years of the Hot Summer Brew Off were held at the Zona Rosa brew fest before being moved to Nanofest.

(2015) Began Meeting at Grain To Glass

Previous to this the club had been meeting in random houses, breweries and bars.

(2017) High Plains Circuit Club of the Year

Missouri Mashers set a goal when they first started to become the High Plains Circuit Club of the Year. 5 years later they achieved this and has become one of the best Homebrew Clubs in the Midwest.

(2018) 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status Was Granted

Non-profit status has given the Masher’s a new position to be involved with the community. As a non-profit entity there are more opportunities to serve the community.